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Sayre Memorial Hospital
For Immediate Release...


Left to right  Dr. Treva Graham M.D.  Medical Director and
Dr. Charles Dukes M.D. Director of Psychiatric Services

Western Oklahoma Mental Health Initiative

Sponsored by StoneBrook:

StoneBrook In-patient behavioral health center sponsored a seminar Thursday night at Sayre’s Western Technology Center’s Conference room.    Topics included:

·         Introducing Dr. Charles Dukes M.D. as the New Psychiatric Director of StoneBrook’s Mental Health Services.  Dr. Dukes  specializes in older adult psychiatry and with services known as Telemedicince.

·         Reviewing Telemedicines, past, present and future uses of

·         Improving inter-agency communications

·         Aging demographics and the raising need to support the elderly in the future.


Utilizing a holistic approach i.e.; assessing their nutritional and, physical status. As well as assessing environmental and spiritual needs as part of a return to state of wellness.   A personalized treatment plan designed to improve the individuals quality of life is than implemented.  Counseling, Physical therapies, age appropriate activities and if needed adjustments in medications may all be a part of the individuals continuing return to wellness. 

If you have any questions regarding mental wellness please feel free to contact StoneBrook at 1-580-928-5541 ext. 224.