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What is Home Care?

Home care is professional, caring services at home. Home care teams provide a full range of health care and social services to the patient and his family in familiar and comforting home surroundings. They not only provide care, they teach families what they need to know to help them care for their family member.
Home care promotes family integrity and the independence of the individual in need of care. And, by relieving some of the stresses associated with caring for a loved one at home, home care contributes to a better overall quality of life.

When Is Home Care Appropriate?

Home care is best suited for individuals who do not need the 24-hour, around the clock supervision and monitoring that only hospitals or nursing facilities can provide. The program of care can be short or long term, and it's good for all ages.
Home care is often recommended to families by their physician, medical social worker or hospital discharge planner. But, patients and their families can seek these services on their own, as well.

Below are some cases when home care services might be appropriate:

  An individual has recently been discharged from the hospital and is well but not fully recovered, such as after surgery or childbirth.
Someone has a chronic condition that needs frequent monitoring, such as diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, heart/lung disease or MS.
A person has recently developed a disease and needs help learning to cope with it.
An individual has a terminal illness and needs emotional support and a program of main management.
Someone has limited mobility and needs help with daily tasks, such as some elderly, stroke victims, fracture victims.
A family needs help to relieve them from the constant burdens of caring for an ill member.
An individual is homebound.

What Kinds of Services Are Available?

Health Services. Home care means help with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, dental hygiene and dressing changes. It provides nutrition services to help address special needs and build proper diets. It offers medical and skilled nursing care, including counseling and administration of prescribed treatments, such as drug therapy or parenteral feeding, lab work and testing. Home care therapy treatments can include physical therapy to renew or increase movement to manage daily tasks at home or work.
Social Services. Home care can help the family cope with problems associated with the care of an ill person and coordinate home care with other community programs affecting the family.

Who Provides Home Care?

The People. Home care usually means team effort.
A physician to outline the specific program of care
A social worker to provide counseling and coordination
A registered nurse (RN) to supervise the home care program and provide complex care
A licensed practical nurse (LPN) to provide routine nursing care
Specialists in various therapy treatments

How Is Home Care Paid For?

Medicare benefits cover all acceptable costs for skilled nursing care, home health aide, physical therapy, and medical social services as deemed reasonable and necessary and ordered by your physician.
Many private and group insurance plans will cover home health serves, as will Workman's Compensation and Champus. Sayre Home Health will help the patient in seeking information about private or group insurance coverage of home health care services as a courtesy to clients and will bill the insurance company or Medicare directly for covered services.
Major payment sources are Medicare, Medicaid and Private Health Insurance. VA, Workman's Compensation, and Champus also pay for Home Care Coverage. Sayre Home Health will assist the patient in seeking information of private or group insurance coverage of home health care services as a courtesy to clients and will bill the insurance company or Medicare directly for covered services.
Services may also be reimbursed by individuals privately at an hourly rate.

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