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StoneBrook Behavioral Health center opened its doors in July of 2007, as a treatment center for older adults with behavioral/mood disorders.   We treat patients with depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer-dementia, as well as many psychological disorders.

StoneBrook is an acute, short-term program (average length of stay is 14 days) for clients aged 60 years and older in need of a secure, therapeutic environment.  The goal is to quickly return clients to their optimal level of functioning outside the hospital through an intensive, structured, physician-supervised program that coordinates seamlessly with the clientís medical care.  The program includes: psychiatric and physical assessment, 24-hour nursing and medical support, medical management and education, access to physical and nutritional therapy, individualized treatment planning and diagnostic testing.  Our unit is designed to comfortably accommodate the unique needs of older adults including those with physical limitations who may need assistance with daily routines.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide treatment within a therapeutic environment in which the older adult can maintain personal dignity while also regaining a sense of self and a level of independence.

Treatment in the Older Adult Program begins with a comprehensive assessment, including psychiatric, physical and psychosocial components.  An individualized treatment plan is developed based upon each patientís unique needs and assessment.  Discharge planning which begins at admission, is performed in collaboration with patients and their families to assure a safe return to the community, to a loved-oneís home, or placement within a suitable senior care facility.

Our approach centers on the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, each with the expertise and special training necessary to effectively treat older adults.  The team includes board certified psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, licensed social workers, therapists and dedicated mental health aides.

The team works with the patients and their families to stabilize mood and behavior, enhance coping skills, reduce stress, facilitate cognitive change, manage medication, and provide new insights and positive reinforcement.  The goals of the Older Adult Program include a successful recovery of our patients and return to their maximum level of function.  Whether it involves a parent, spouse, relative or friend, the complex situations that can arise with aging tend to affect everyone.  But help in dealing with them is as close as StoneBrook at Sayre Memorial Hospital.  

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact the Behavioral Health Center at (580)-928-5541 ext. 4496. 

Download StoneBrook Brochure (PDF)

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